Mid Summer Business & Design Blues

The mid summer period is a very dull time in business, everyone is either on holiday with the kids so business is really put onto the slow burner until at least the middle of September. It is only then that people seem to kick back into action and start to plan their advertising and marketing needs for the period leading up to Christmas.

I have been in the design business for 15 years straight and each and every summer this is the same. For example the printers are on a low output so getting anything printed at this time can be difficult as again everyone is on holiday and staff take their holidays now.

I had a client wanting to get a job designed and printed in August and have the job in quick time. The only problem is planning here as I would need plenty of time to prepare and coach the printers to my needs for August. If only people would be more organised and plan their design and printing needs.

Now is the time to get your Logo design needs worked out, your marketing strategy is important and your Corporate Identity requirements needs to be fitted into this strategy very carefully so that the design and printing of say any stationery or other material will be received online with out any due problem created by a lack of time and planning.

Use the summer to get your design and printing strategy right and in place and you'll find that the Autumn period with be pleasantly easy and your design and printing needs will be met with out any hitches. It is that simply plan what you want to do write it down on paper and get a good designer to look into your needs way before the Christmas rush sets in.