Design Technology: – What To Get For Your Business- PC v Apple

I have come across many people of late who are increasingly agreeing with me on the merits of using Apple equipment to all sorts of design work. I have been using Apple Macintosh machines now for 20 years. I start out in 1991 using an LC 2 and I was trained on a Classic the first small integrated Apple Macs with the 6 inch screens. (Collectors items now!) I learned all my stuff on one of those in a London Design Studio way back in August 1991.

Since then things have come on and the Macintosh as we call them or (Macs) are really the best that you can use to help you with any design work, particularly graphic design and visual communications.

This extends to not just the desktop machines but to the laptops call Macbooks, the iPads and particularly the iPhone. The Apple iPhone is a super machine and as a designer I believe that this is one of the best internet marketing and design aids you could ever have. A smart, smart phone and so easy to use, it's converting people over to using Apple products.

As a graphic designer I have always use Apple products and stand by them hands down. They are the fastest, easiest, coolest, slickest, machines to use, around. They last longer than PC's as I have my desktop G5 now since 2007 and it's still just as fast as any PC.

It's easy to use an iPhone to access your Twitter, Facebook and other accounts, upload videos to You Tube, it's a super machine. I am using Apple machines to write and design all of my logos, blogs and websites, once you go Mac you wont go back.