The Blog Creation Formula

Internet marketing or affiliate marketing as some people refer to it, is getting more popular as technology improves with the increase of broadband speeds. If you are new to the internet or indeed affiliate marketing then the only way to start is to follow simple steps like building blocks to build your success.

Here are 7 ways that you can turn your internet business into a something successful.


Set up a stunning blog to make your visitors return again and again not just for the content but for the way it looks and how easy it is to use. A great blog gives you a platform, a shop window if you will in which to display your services or products. Make money directly from your blog by monetizing it with ads from Clickbank and Google Adsense. Place these ads in prominent positions on your blog where your users will click them, this especially applies to Adsense advertisements.


WordPress is the best blogging platform to use and this is what I use to create my blogs. It is a very easy to use platform that allows you to add posts, pages, themes, plugins, advertisements and other content at will. Use the self hosted WordPress platform as opposed to the free version as this version doesn’t allow any advertisements or any monetisation. The free version doesn’t give you any control as your blog will still belong to them and not you. This is why a self hosted i.e. (paid) version is required to give you the leverage that you will need to do what you wish with your WordPress blog.


WordPress have a load of themes that you can choose from within WordPress itself. There are loads of other themes that you can choose from that are either free or paid from outside WordPress. You have to do your research and find the right theme design for your blog. I would recommend the paid themes as these offer support and updates, however there are some really great free themes and you have to get out there and look to find the one that suits your online business.


These are extremely effective little programs that you literally plug into your WordPress blog. They are available online and you can download them at any time from a number of sources. They will give you and your blog more power to make money and add a professional look and feel if you use the right ones. It is important to find the right plugins to use and this can make the difference in your blog making a ton of money as opposed to some.


If you wish to make money with your blog you really have to monetise your website. This simply means placing advertisements on your blog, but be careful not to place the wrong type or size of ads on your blog. Your advertisements can range from affiliate banner ads to Google Adsense ads which need to be place strategically to allow for user conversion. In any case you will have to sign up/register to be an affiliate or to display Adsense advertisements.


Having a blog is one thing but if you don’t get visitors to your blog or website means making no money. So getting visitors to your blog is your next best step, submit your blog to search engines and other related sites will help your site get ranked in all the major search engines and well as the minors ones. The next best thing that you can do is write articles and submit them to article directories. There are a whole load of directories out there and these will allow you to submit an article with a backlink to your blog. This article will then in-turn get ranked, be read and users will click on your link to access your site to see what else you have to say.


Using social media is a great way to get visitors to your site and make money from your blog. What is Social Media? Well Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, You Tube and Linkedin are the main sites that we bundle as Social Media. There are however a whole load of social media sites out there, these are just the main ones. Doing some research on the subject will bring up a variety of sites that you can sign up to. Get yourself your own URL link and then promote your blog to these sites. The more you sign up to the better, this is a great strategy to get visitors to your site and therefore make more money.


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