Graphic Design Blueprint Secrets e-Book COMING SOON!

As a graphic designer I have always been asked how do you do the things you do with the tools you have to create such lovely, logos, brochures, websites and images. I always reply with a barrage of graphic design talk and technical information with the skill set needed laid out and the usual dialogue about needing to know how to draw and having a creative flair.

Having a creative streak is obviously important and I have always thought that the need to be talented in this are is a prerequisite and a given. I mean I went to art and design school and went through many an interview with my portfolio before getting into art college or getting a job as a designer.

I started out doing things the old way, the old school way of cut and paste and drawing designs and ideas out in Magic markers on layout paper to present to clients. The artwork was done by an Artworker skilled at preparing the design work for printing. The printing was done in the old way and I entered this industry just of the edge of change when computers started to move into the design studios.

The first Apple computers come on the scene in 1984 and by 1990 they were beginning to take over from the old school of cut and paste. All of the secrets were transferred into the usage of computers and the application of  design layouts, terms, fonts, kerning, leading, tracking and so on into computer software. Most of this was on a program and we all as designers had to learn how to use them to do graphic design as the industry changed and revolutionised the design and printing world.

I have been using this knowledge and terms now for over 20 years and currently writing an e-Book on the secrets of graphic design. I have called this e-Book "Graphic Design Blueprint Secrets - The Top Design Secrets For Producing Graphic & Graphic Design For Internet Marketers".

It's coming out soon as I am still working on it, so please do visit my blog again soon to see up dates or you could subscribe to my RSS Feed to get update from this blog as I will be posting an article when the E-Book goes live with it's url location.