Without Spending a Cent – Setting Up A Blog Is Easier Than You Think

I hear that people think setting up a blog website is expensive and too difficult and hard to do and you have to be a designer or programmer to produce a worthwhile blog.


Here are 2 examples of how easy it is to set up a blog and be up and running with it in no time at all.

1. Blogger.com
Log on to http://www.blogger.com and sign up to an account you can do this is 5 minutes.
This is totally free with a domain name and hosting provided, of course you will have to stick to their terms and conditions of use. I created one for myself in five minutes and I have a blog up and running at http://johncowper.blogspot.com/
Notice how I have used my name in the domain but the .blogspot.com will always be there no matter what name you choose. This tells everyone that this is a blogger.com blog which belongs to Google. This is an easy and effective way to get started if you have little and no budget.

2. WordPress.com
This is my favourite http://www.wordpress.com this again is free to set up, the domain and hosting is provided but you must stick to their terms and conditions or they will suspend you and remove your blog in an instant. This has already happened to me for trying to place a banner ad onto a wordpress.com site.
Remember you have this blog under license and they own it not you, that why it's free. If you have money then WordPress.org is where you can set up a blog but you have to pay for your hosting and domain name just as I have done to create http://www.moneyfortoday.wordpress.com