UK InfoMillionaire Summit in London Heathrow

Just to let everyone know that I went to the UK InfoMillionaire Summit in London Heathrow which was held on the 24 - 25 September 2012 at the Park Inn. The summit was excellent with no product pitching which I found great and was one of the reasons why I went to this event.

Most of these types of events can be difficult to get anything from as they are only there to pitch and sell products and courses to you. I have been to quite a number of them and I have always left rather disappointed and deflated.

Well I can certainly say that this event of Daniel's and James's went very very well and I gained a lot of info and training from this although I had to pay to come to the event with the flight over to London on top of this price and a hotel room.

So in saying all of that it was very very worth while and as a result of the 2 day event which was very intense I decided to join the Wagnerwatson Inner Circle Platinum Group which meets a day each month for 12 months.

Throughout my blog I will be referring to my exploits and showing you the details of what I will be doing and what I will achieve.


John Cowper

Graphic Designer, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur