WagnerWatson Inner Circle, London, October 19th 2011

This was the first of the WagnerWatson Inner Circle day's in London and I was up at 5am to catch a plane from Dublin to London Heathrow and then a bus to the Premier Inn on Bath Road. So you can see from this that there is a certain commitment to this group.

I am a member of the WagnerWatson Inner Circle, Platinum Group which meets once a month in London. It is here where the group focuses on how to improve our businesses through working on our marketing. As you can now see I am a graphic design and an INTERNET MARKETER, this is important and I think that most people really done understand what this actually means.
The day was was great and starts at 1pm through to 6pm and beyond, you meet some great people who are also looking to improve their marketing skills online.
Daniel and James are superb as ever and they are really very organised and have everything well planned. It's a great place to network as well and get contacts to solve any problems that you may have. I am hoping to meet a varied number of different and interesting people to try and see how I can improve, provide value and contribute to each day and the webinars and the special forum network community we also have.



John Cowper

Graphic Designer, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur