WagnerWatson Inner Circle, London, Nov 16th 2011

Just back from the WagnerWatson Inner Circle day in London and it was just great with such a positive atmosphere and with great people who I can really learn from. I am hoping that I can learn loads from the monthly meeting that I have in London Heathrow at the Premier Inn on Bath Road. The Platinum group meets once a month on a Wednesday. If you check the top right hand side of my blog you will be the Badge to check out the WagnerWatson Inner Circle.

Create by Daniel Wagner and James Watson the WagnerWatson Inner Circle is a super way to really supercharge your existing business or new business online. The coaching is superb and opens up a new way of thinking about your business and how to move forward. I have a whole load of ideas about how I am going to improve my business and how I am going to get clients to seek me out for my professional expertise.

As a graphic designer I have created a new design package deal for each of the sections that I do design for. Please check these out, I have a link on this site to my design package deals which you can easily purchase using Paypal. This site is my personal site and I also have a business site which I am launching soon, I have redesigned the business site and this will show my design along with some videos with I have uploaded to my You Tube channel.

Daniel and James have some really sound and brilliant marketing ideas to really move you forward with your business and this is why I have joined their inner circle. I first came across them by undertaking their Blueprint Coaching Program which I really learn such a lot from. It opened up a whole load of ideas and new ways of doing things, setting up an online presence with blogs, blogging and the whole social media thing along with getting targeted traffic.

Since doing this course I have written a number of e-books on what I have learned and experienced over the last while and I will have a load more coming. I have a set of packages deals also coming soon so please look out on the side bar of this blog for links to my new products and e-books.



John Cowper

Graphic Designer, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur